Tower of London Photograph by Andy Evans
Beyond the deepening shadows: An artwork commissioned by the Historic Royal Palaces to commemorate the end of the Great War.
Created through the collaboration of designer Tom Piper, sound artist Mira Calix, fire artist Mike Jones, light artist Phil Supple and Creative Producer Deborah Shaw.
The Pyro Studio provided creative consultancy on the flames and the atmospheric effects.

The Pyro Studio is a new creation by a designer with over 35 years experience of delivering pyrotechnic and firework displays across the world. It brings together skilled practitioners in engineering,  special effects and firework design to deliver stunning and unique displays for events of all types. 


It takes vision, experience and an ability to communicate ideas to create stunning shows 


Fireworks and spectacles are inherently fleeting but the memories they create endure forever.  

colour air bursts.jpg

a clients view:

“That was a tour de Force, a spectacle beyond my wildest dreams. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate what skill and artistry and kindness you brought-”


Untitled design (10).jpg

Displays, fires and light features created to a clients vision, for specific venues and a unique occasions

Glastonbury 6.jpg