In 1983, as a young graduate, Mike Jones approached the historic firework display company Pains Fireworks for a summer job. Pains had just celebrated the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana in Hyde Park.

The summer job became 35 years of thrilling experience across the globe learning the craft from pyrotechnicians with a life time of experience, such as Wilf Wells, David Cox, David Merrit and Vincente Caballer.  Through his work as a designer and a display manager for Pains he worked with Japanese, Australian, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and Maltese display companies. 

He designed shows that won the firework world championships in Montreal, that closed the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, celebrated the 40th anniversary of the UAE, the 150th anniversary of Brunel on the Clifton Suspension Bridge and 400th anniversary of the Gun Powder plot in London.

His skill at choreographing fireworks to music was seen at world class events such as the Three Tenors in Bath and the BBC Last Night of the Proms in Hyde Park. 

In 2015 Mike joined the explosive engineering company Event Horizon who specialise in film effects.

In 2017 Mike created the Pyro Studio to bring together the spectacle of special effects with the wonder of fireworks to create stunning live events.

His clients include Artichoke, The Eden Lab and The Farnborough International Air Show.

His boyhood wonder for fireworks carries on.   


Fireworks display - Clifton suspension bridge - The Pryo Studio

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